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Are you a nurse with Diploma or Degree Qualification? Find out the Job Offers in USA and UK.
Are you a Degree Holder with 2years Experience or more...? Opportunity for you to teach in USA.


Our General Offers to the public: Student, Nurses and any other working group who wants to travel.


The Academic and Cultural Exchange (ACE) program offers teachers an opportunity for a full-time salaried educational experience, coupled with dynamic cross-cultural activities with U.S. schools and communities. Our teachers inspire U.S. students, develop cultural awareness and understanding, and impact teacher effectiveness and student achievement.

Important and significant elements of the teaching program include:

  • Designated by the U.S. Department of State as an Authorized J-1 Visa Exchange Visitor Program Sponsor
  • The Program is a 3years program
  • Exchange Teachers are paid on the same salary scale as U.S. teachers
  • Visa Sponsorship for the teacher and family
  • Aid in securing U.S. lodging, transportation, healthcare, banking, etc.
  • Extensive academic, cultural and social support provided while in the U.S.
  • Aid in securing US Green card.

Academic and Cultural Exchange Teacher Program Minimum Requirements:

The applicant must have earned the equivalent to a Bachelor’s Degree in the USA (equivalent of four (4) yrs. of formal education at an accredited university)

  1. The applicant must have had formal teacher training, including his/her pedagogical preparation/training as part of a four-year university program or as an additional year of formal, full-time university study.
  2. The applicant may not be a U.S. resident, U.S. citizen or have ever applied for a green card.
  3. The applicant must either be able to speak English as their native language or have fluency in the English language.
  4. At the time of application, the applicant must have a minimum of two (2) years of full-time teaching experience after obtaining his/her Bachelor’s Degree
  5. Having a valid driver’s license in their home country is a plus to the teacher.
  6. The applicant must have a valid E-mail address.

The approximate salary range is $ 35,500 to $ 85,000 per annum prior to taxes. Your salary is based on your degree and your attested K – 12 experiences. We work to bring schools throughout the United States excellent teachers from around the world in the following subjects:

  • Math
  • Science
  • Special education
  • Foreign languages including Spanish, Chinese, etc.
  • Elementary education
  • English
  • ESOL
  • Social studies
  • Religious studies
  • … And more!

Please note, we expect that you as a candidate have spent considerable time working to improve your skills (successfully enrolled in Spoken English Classes, Computer Skills Classes; and searched for resources regarding American Classroom Management Strategies). We also require our teachers to demonstrate their interest in a cultural exchange program in the US, as we recognize that cultural exchange takes place both in and out of the classroom, as you become a member of your local community.

We provide our host schools with access to video introductions and resumes of teachers eager to come to the U.S. as a J-1 exchange visitor. We assist host schools and prospective teachers in scheduling phone and/or virtual interviews.

We currently have Letters of No Objection from the states of Virginia, Florida, Texas, Connecticut, South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia.



We provide Study Abroad services by taking advantage of the enormous experience our study abroad team offers packed with scholarships. We are open to all inquiries concerning your college and university options and placements. Our Immigration law specialist is also on hand to provide you expert and impartial advice on your student visa application options and your relative chances.

We can help you secure educational placements in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Lithuania, Cyprus, South Korea, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, China etc whiles offering you timeless advice on your academic interests and career goals.

At Ryttpath Prestige Group, every aspect of your study abroad programme will be extensively planned for your convenience and total satisfaction by providing you with the best services. We will lead, guide and direct our prospective students to gain admission and aid extensively on his/her visa acquisition.

Entry requirements are WASSCE, First Degree and Masters


Job openings are available in the UK for nurses and midwives with diplomas or higher qualifications. All you need is to pass your IELTS and CBT successfully . At Ryttpath, we offer standardized UKVI IELTS tuition and will ensure you are well prepared before taking the test.

IELTS and CBT REQUIREMENTS: Job openings are available in the UK for nurses and midwives with diplomas or higher qualifications. All you need is to pass your IELTS and CBT successfully . At Ryttpath, we offer standardized UKVI IELTS tuition and will ensure you are well prepared before taking the test. We also provide tuition and learning materials for CBT and help with NMC UK registration. We also undertake applications for all who have both results. Both the IELTS and CBT are written in Ghana. Kindly note that, OSCE – one of the required test is taken in the UK.

With this option, we assist individuals who have passed IELTS and CBT to get employers in the UK and facilitate their relocation.

Fee Paying offer Details

  • To be on the option the only exams needed to relocate a nurse is the CBT exams.
  • Trainees must register with NMC UK and undertake the CBT test from NMC and bear the cost of the examination.
  • Trainees will have to study full-time for 2 months in the UK to complete the OET and OSCE exams.
  • All costs related to training and exams will be paid for by us.
  • Final registration fee to NMC UK will be paid by Ryttpath (RGN + PIN)
  • Trainees will be provided with accommodation and food during the 2 months period.
  • Trainees can take up part-time employment but only on weekends.
  • After successful completion of OSCE and OET and becoming a RGN, trainees will be placed in a permanent job with a pay rate of 16 to 20GBP per hour.
  • Ryttpath would bear the cost of the OET and OSCE exam fees for the first sitting only. Trainees will bear the cost for any re-sit exam.
  • Trainees must be informed that they would bear the cost of air ticket and personal expenses on arrival in UK.
  • Individuals interested in this must be ready to cater for the cost associated with this pathway
  • Application processing time 3 to 5 weeks.
  • Trainee will be granted one year working visa. After the completion of the 2 months intensive PAR programme and becoming a fully qualified RGN with PIN, trainee will be granted 5 years working visa.


Entrepreneur Start-Up Visa

Obtain Permanent Residence by starting a business in Canada. Canada’s Start-Up Visa Program is designed to attract immigrant entrepreneurs with dynamic skills, who have the potential to establish businesses in Canada that are innovative, can create employment opportunities for Canadians, and can compete on a global scale. 

The program grants successful Applicants and eligible dependents permanent residence in Canada and provides assistance with becoming established. Applicants receive leadership support, guidance and access to funding to assist with opening and operating their business in Canada through the designated Canadian organization that elects to support them.

To be eligible to apply, Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a qualifying business (see what constitutes a Qualifying Business);
  • Obtain a letter of support from a designated organization;
  • Obtain the minimum required investment (if going through a venture capital fund or angel investor group);
  • Meet the minimum language requirement of CLB 5 in all abilities (English or French);
  • Pass the medical and security clearances;
  • Have enough funds to settle in Canada; and
  • Intend to reside in a province other than Quebec.

A Qualifying Business must meet the following conditions:

  • At the time of obtaining a commitment from a designated organization:
    • Each Applicant holds at least 10% of the voting rights attached to all shares of the corporation outstanding at that time; AND
    • Applicants and the designated organization jointly hold more than 50% of the total voting rights attached to all shares of the corporation outstanding at that time.
  • At the time of obtaining permanent residence:
    • Applicants are providing active and ongoing management of the business from within Canada;
    • An essential part of the operations of the business happens in Canada; and
    • The business is incorporated in Canada.

There is a designated number of organizations that may provide commitment to Applicants. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has authorized certain venture capital funds, angel investor groups and business incubator organizations to partake in the Start-Up Visa Program.

Successful applicants must:

  • Secure an investment of at least $200,000 from a venture capital fund; OR
  • Secure an investment of at least $75,000 from an angel investor group; OR
  • Be accepted into a business incubator program.

Support from multiple organizations is acceptable. The designated organizations must be identified and jointly provide IRCC with a single Commitment Certificate and provide the Applicant(s) one Letter of Support.

In a situation where multiple designated organizations are providing support, the minimum total investment amount is determined by the requirements of the contributing organization that invests first (i.e. if the business receives an investment from an angel investor group, but not a venture capital fund, the minimum total investment must be $75,000).

In order to help preserve the integrity of the Start-Up Visa Program and ensure that the activities of the designated organization and the Applicant are in line with industry standards, immigration officers may request an independent assessment of a commitment. These assessments are to be conducted by a peer review panel of experts assembled by the Applicant’s industry association.

The panel of experts are responsible for the following:

  • Assessing the level of due diligence performed by the designated organization;
  • Assessing the terms of the commitment, and if applicable, the investment, to ensure the terms are consistent with industry standards;
  • Ensuring that the business has been or will be incorporated in Canada;
  • Ensuring that the business ownership has been verified and meets the requirements of the Program;
  • Ensuring that the designated organization:
    • Considered the viability of the proposed business model;
    • Assessed the business venture’s management team; and
    • Verified the ownership of the intellectual property.
  • Ensuring that the focus of the business is on a high-growth potential product/service; and
  • Validate whether the business was accepted into a business incubator program, if applicable.

The Start-Up Visa Program provides Applicants with  the option to apply for a short-term Canadian Work Permit under the international mobility program while they  await a decision on the permanent residence application.

Obtain a Canadian or U.S. work permit for key personnel if your foreign business has, or if you are committed to opening a parent company, subsidiary, branch or affiliate in Canada or the U.S.

This type of work permit exempts applicants from obtaining a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) or waiver. Workers and employers who choose to use this program must comply with all of the conditions of the work permit, which may include obtaining a Temporary Resident Visa. Contact us to learn more about the Intra-Company Transfer Program and complete the free assessment to see if you qualify

Certain Applicants may be exempt from applying for a work permit to conduct business in Canada. Entering Canada as a business visitor allows Applicants to engage in certain business activities for up to 6 months without the need to apply for an LMIA and work permit.

Are You a Business Visitor?

You are a business visitor if you:

  • Would like to enter Canada to participate in international business activities without entering the Canadian labour market
  • Would like to visit Canada temporarily to
    • Explore ways to grow your business
    • Invest
    • Advance your business relationships

Evidence to Provide as a Business Visitor

In order to qualify as a business visitor to Canada, Applicants must prove that they:

  • Plan to stay for less than 6 months;
  • Don’t plan to enter the Canadian labour market;
  • Have a main place of business and source of income/profits outside Canada;
  • Have documents that support their application; and
  • Meet Canada’s basic entry requirements, because they
    • Are in possession a valid travel document, such as a passport
    • Have sufficient funds for the stay and return home
    • Plan to leave Canada at the end of the visit
    • Are not a criminal, security or health risk to Canadians.

Eligible Activities

Activities that are eligible to be conducted as a business visitor include:

  • Purchasing Canadian goods or services for a foreign business or government;
  • Taking orders for goods or services;
  • Attending meetings, conferences, conventions or trade fairs;
  • Providing after-sales services (managing, not doing hands-on labour);
  • Training employees of a Canadian branch of a foreign company; and
  • Being trained by a Canadian company that has sold the Applicant equipment or services.

Note: Under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), U.S. and Mexican nationals may also take part in business activities such as research, marketing and general services as business visitors.

Requirements for Entering Canada

In order to enter Canada as a business visitor, applicants may need a visitor visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). Our associates at Pace Immigration would be pleased to help you figure out what type of authorization you need. Contact us today for more information.

What to Bring With You to Canada

Applicants arriving at the border as business visitors must have the following documents on them (not packed away in their suitcase):

  • A passport or travel document that is valid for the entire stay;
  • A valid visitor visa, if required;
  • If an eTA is required, Applicant must travel using the same passport as specified in the eTA application;
  • Letters of support from the parent company and a letter of invitation from the Canadian host business or a Letter of Recognition from the Canada Border Services Agency;
  • Other documentation such as warranty or service agreement or contracts;
  • 24-hour contact details of the business host in Canada; and
  • Evidence of sufficient funds for the stay in Canada and for the return home.